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Garbo Clock



The Analog Clock Specialist

Garbo Clock Industrial Ltd was founded in 1989, which is one of the well-known suppliers specialized in movements and clocks. We provide a wide selection of clocks with a great differentiation in shapes, colors, designs and functions.



Our clientele are all over the world, where our major customers are prestigious brands in Japan, Europe and USA.


We have our place in the clock industry because of our Product, Quality, Services and Price to every customers. We believe attentiveness to the customers is our philosophy to succeed.



With nearly 30 years of being a clock supplier, Garbo will continue in its strive to meet and exceed industry standard to achieve the optimal customer satisfaction and maintains competitiveness in this fast moving environment.  



In 2018, Garbo will continue to pursue the aim of “ credibility win customers, support enterprise quality” corporate purposes

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